Student Project Descriptions

Pre-K and Kindergarten: Mouse Paint

Students listened to the story mouse paint. We then talked about Primary colors and Secondary colors.  Students are learning to draw mice and then paint them in the colors of the rainbow. Students are using tempera paint and sharpie.

1st and 2nd Grade: Snowy Day

Students listened to the story The Snowy Day. We are creating figures in motion that appear to be playing in the snow. We talked about movement, and what we look like while we are bundled up and outside. Students are using tempera paint and oil pastel.

3rd and 4th Grade: Op Art

Students were introduced to Op Art, and artist Bridget Riley. We have been discussing terms such as movement, pattern, emphasis, 3D, and contrast. Students are working on two different Op Art pieces of their own meant to confuse the viewer. Students are using a mixture of sharpie and blendable water markers.

5th Grade: Cartooning

Students are working on a unit about cartooning with a focus on facial expression. Students have to come up with an original cartoon character. Students draw this character 4 different times showing a different emotion by changing the facial features to match. We are discussing terms such as exaggeration and emphasis. This project works well for students of all skill sets.We are using a variety of drawing materials to complete these.

6th Grade: Ukulele Art

Art and Music have partnered to create hand painted and built Ukuleles!  Students came up with original designs that they are presently painting onto the uke shell. Once this portion of the project is complete, then will then move on to assembling and learning to play them with Mr. Sheffer! Be sure to look for these in the Spring!