Week of June 8th

Hi Everyone!

This will be my last project idea for this year. Mrs. Martell actually sent it to me, and it is a great choice for grades 2-6. This is a Lego Self Portrait. You will need a pencil, sharpie, or other dark marker and crayons or colored pencil to add color. Enjoy!



Also, Here is a link for the primary kids. You will need pencils, sharpie, or some other dark marker, and crayons or some other coloring tool.



Week of  June 1st

Hi Art Students and Families!

Here are another couple of art lessons for you to try if you would like!

The first is landscape drawing. You will need a pencil, colored sharpie,s and plain white paper. If you do not have the sharpies, regular markers will work also. This is for older students. 

For the second lesson, you will need crayons or colored pencils, and watercolor paints. This can be adapted for all ages.





Week of May 26th

Hi All! For this week I found two art projects that you can give a try.

The first video is about mixing colors. You will need watercolor paints, or any paints that you have available. This is a project that is simple enough for our younger students, but can be made more complex by adding designs for the older kids. (Grades Pre-K-1)

This lesson is an introduction to the work of Picasso. You will need pencils, paper, and any paint you have on hand. This project is focused towards Grades 2-6.

As always, I love to see anything you have made. I hope you are well and I’ll talk to you soon!

Mrs. Hummel